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Moments to form a Saturday











Let's begin this Saturday with another Saturday:

1  Courtyards disclosing their secrets as traffic rushes by.

2  A gallery of art from Africa nestled a gem of a Berlin Hinterhof: bronze warrior, reddened ivy; motorcycle diva, tinkling fountain.

3  Eyeing the window seat and its open invitation to read for hours.

4  A sound installation in an Altbau flat speaking the language of old-fashioned menace; in the distance, a Spätkauf


1   Street View here. (Zoom out to savor the Reading Room's previous incarnation as Moti Mahal.)

2   Galerie Peter Herrmann,  Potsdamer Straße 98A, Berlin-Tiergarten (map)

3   do you read me?! Reading Room, Potsdamer Straße 98A, Berlin-Tiergarten (map)

4   Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Potsdamer Straße 132 (ring for admission), Berlin-Schöneberg (map



Thank you for sharing these places and moods. Any chance you will write a book about your life in Berlin?

That first photograph is incredible - you have a gift!

Hasn't the Reading Room been around for a while though? Just wondering how old (read: out of date) those google street views actually are...

Great photos of a great area!

Max, I wonder how that might look?

Isa, thank you!

Guilia, you're right, it has been. The photos are wonderfully out of date; your saying that makes me remember a project I was considering in the summer, exploring Berlin a la Doug Rickard. I must do it!

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