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Sledding in Berlin


It still feels magical to live in a city and walk to a park where you can go sledding until everyone's cheeks are crimson and you can hardly feel your hands. 

Do you have a favourite slope? Ours is one in Volkspark Wilmersdorf. There is a dell near Kufsteiner Stra├če where you can build up speed without careering into passers-by, with a delightful bump near the bottom that lifts a small girl into the air for an instant. The slope  above is closer to the duck pond and pure rush-hour madness, but look, that makes it perfect for connoisseurs of the wooden sleigh.



I can't say I am missing the snow but it looks very pretty.

All melted now, but hoping for another round or two before spring's truly here. Light as we make porridge now, though, so that's something!

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