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Berlin bread: Weichardt Brot












No better place than a steamy bakery on an icy winter noon. We crushed in amidst the industrial whisks and trays of pralines to watch a woman form pistachio marzipan into eggs. Two men plaited dough. Herr Weichardt himself showed off the marble grindstones that mill their Demeter-grade grains into flour. 

When Slow Food Berlin invited me to join a tour through the Weichardt bakery in the run-up to tomorrow's Berlin rettet Brot event, I jumped at the chance. Founded by a young couple in 1977, Weichardt was the first Demeter bakery in Berlin, and the first to bake solely wholegrain breads. 35 years later, Heinz and Mucke still run the bakery with great charm.

The pralines and leek quiches, chocolate eclairs and raisin buns, are understated and uncluttered, with clear flavors allowed to speak for themselves. The hearty loaves remain moist and delicious for days. The rustic shops sell chocolates and homemade berry jams alongside the many breads, and are each equipped with a few tables to enjoy a slice of creamy torte.

Weichardt Brot, Mehlitzstr. 7, Berlin-Wilmersdorf (map) & elsewhere


My favourite part is the little pretzel on his lapel.

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