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Make your own sunshine




... for where else will you find it?

Popping out saturated fluorescent-red petals and slotting them into their stems, the perfect start to a late winter morning. 

Find these exquisite tulips and more by Berlin-based cut&make at R.S.V.P. and elsewhere, or order direct here



All you need now is pop-out snow to complete the effect!

what a beautiful bunch of flowers! are the cards produced in berlin too?

Wow! Thanks! That's exactly what I need right now. And the next days ...

David, I rather love the idea of a pop-out snowscape...

Lauren, cut&make tells me the cards were screenprinted by Wolfgang Baeke at Druckwerkst├Ątten.

Schokozwerg, hi, I think we met at the Singapore embassy event! I spoke too soon, today is sun-drenched, but oh, it suits the tulips.

How cute! Yes, the super-saturated pigment colors look wonderful (I bet even better in person). By the way, I wanted to let you know that your posts are once again only appearing as a one-line preview in my RSS reader (I use NetNewsWire). Maybe this is on purpose? Just in case not, I did want to let you know.

You're right, Sylee, at the strange cooking show :)

Hi Leslie, you're right, the blooms are more deep pink than red, but it's hard to get the camera to convey that. re: the feed: yes, the complete posts were being reproduced on aggregators I wasn't so keen on supporting, so I switched it back. Any ideas on how to better deal with this are most welcome, I'm just not so tech-savvy!

Schokozwerg, ah, that's the one. I did like that prawn curry!

Haha, and I preferred the sweets. Made by the ambassador's wife herself, do you remember how proud he was?

I had to leave to pick up S! Drat - was there condensed milk involved? Please tell me no.

Well, n...o...f course...yes ;)

Oh drat! I'll just have to hope they do the pop-up hawker court we were talking about.

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