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Revelling in snow (Café am Neuen See)


Fickle days, gold-skied then white-skied. Best to have a cache of havens for cold days. 

S had a day off Kita, so we headed to the Tiergarten. Snow stung our cheeks; she stopped every few meters to stamp hearts into the snow.


We live in a little flat, and that's where we feel cozy. We rely on the city to grant us all the rooms our home won't contain. The Ringbahn is our library; we read children's books on the train to friends as Westhafen and Messe Nord flash past. The parks are our gardens. The cafes are our living rooms—or our verandas. 



In another world my grandmother would have a glass box set by a lake where we would sit  and drink tea by the fireplace. Instead, S and I weave our way to the Cafe am Neuen See, and share a portion of bacon and eggs (€5.30) while the snow falls. 

The service is attentive. The white-painted chairs and the wooden floorboards are harmonious, not over-fussy. The wood-burning stoves are irresistible.

I imagine it's heaving on a weekend; on a sleepy, snowy Monday morning, it was almost empty, just right.

PS Many thanks to Finding Berlin and Sarah's evocative photos of this spot for inspiring our morning in the park.

Cafe am Neuen See, Lichtensteinallee 2, Berlin-Tiergarten (map)
Biergarten and rowing boats in the summer, veranda and fireplaces in the winter


Looks cozy! Makes me want to take a day of Kita, I mean work, myself :)

Leslie, it felt like a snow day!

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