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Liebes Leipzig!




At the Gallery for Contemporary Art in Leipzig, you wrote a letter and took a letter. This was the letter we were given.

In my dream, I'm standing in a vacant lot amidst the undergrowth and outbuildings. I look forward and watch my grandma approaching me. She is cheerful and smiles at me. In her right hand she carries a red handbag which she swings back and forth as she walks. When she reaches me, she says "You can do anything, don't be afraid." 




Before our trip, I read this bittersweet love letter to Leipzig published in Die Zeit last summer.

Brachen, die einfach so in der Sonne herumliegen, verunsichern sie.




The sun shone the whole weekend, everything was green.


I love Leipzig.
And I am curios... Where did you take that pictures. In what parts of the city?


It is meant to read "those pictures". Whoops!

I, too, highly enjoy Leipzig...although I missed GFZK when I was last there! Next time...

I've been to Leipzig twice, albeit on very very short little trips, but I could tell right away that there was something about the city I liked a lot. Your writing and photos did a great job of capturing that special something.

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