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Verabredung zum Essen (An evening at Mulax with Slow Food Berlin)





We spoke of hydroponic gardens and of Barnim water buffaloes, of tasting sets and of a Hohen Neuendorf villa that houses a Viennese coffee house, while the brother-and-sister duo behind Mulax plied us with sour pickle sorbet and house-made crackers topped with golden pike caviar from the Müritzfischer.




As the name might suggest, Verabredung zum Essen is a casual, lively, mostly German monthly meet-up organized by Slow Food Berlin. Open to members and non-members alike, the group is united by a passion for local foods grown and prepared with care. Our meal that night included tiny dense-fleshed carrots from the Mulacks' own garden in Mariendorf, Uckermark beef cooked sous vide for three days, and slow-boiled eggs on tender spears of pale asparagus from Beelitz.

Later this month, we'll convene again at the much-ballyhooed brasserie Lamazère at Stuttgarter Platz in Charlottenburg and oh, how I'm looking forward to another sparkling evening! Find all the details on menu and registration here.


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