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Scenes from a Saturday (Antipodes & Bite Club)





A stack of The Gentlewoman, a string of perfect flat whites, kind patient waitstaff ready to dispense fluffys, a view of a stunning church: Antipodes remains a gem for coffee lovers on a lazy Saturday.






Finally, finally, Bite Club! Singleton whisky tasting, fiery Minglers by John Muir's Gordon Agnew, a Bunsmobile cheeseburger puncuated with a perfect slice of caramelized, whisky-braised pork belly, an improvised Cranachan courtesy of Woop Woop Ice Cream's magical liquid nitrogen machine -- plus sun, glorious sun. A cheer for Chile, a pause to admire the brand-new vegetarian-friendly juice/salad bar Till the Cows Come Home, then home.

Antipodes, Fehrbelliner Straße 5, Berlin-Mitte (map). Their thrilling tag line: "Sensational coffee without the ponce."

Bite Club, Schönhauser Allee 9 (behind the Platoon Kunsthalle), Berlin-Mitte (map), Saturdays 3pm-10pm. Also on the Spree: Eichenstraße 4, Berlin-Treptow (map), Fridays 6pm-midnight. 


What a delicious day! :)

I want to say thank you for the recommendation of Halle 9 in Kreuzberg where we just spend a wonderful lunch-afternoon - I would not have found it; your blog is nice to read. We had a very good dinner at Herz und Nieren , as you are not a veggie it is worth trying and the wines are recommended as the pumpkin kernel oil ( Kernöl) of the mother of the charming waitress.....

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