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Stadt Land Food Highlights


I'm sure I'm not the only Berlin foodie vibrating in anticipation of what's easily the most spectacular food event to be organized in our fair city: Stadt Land Food. As with the Berlinale, the pickings in this festival of good food are so rich as to be dizzying.

We had an early dinner at Markthalle Neun last Saturday, eating slices of Sironi pizza between sips of Heidenpeters' Holy Holunder while the market closed up around us. The festival program was everywhere, and we all fell silent as we scrutinized the listings over scoops of sour cherry ice cream from Rosa Canina. Following are a few personal highlights.




The Hidden Chefs series, organized by Kavita Meelu, stands out as an unmissable chance to meet old favorites mid-step as they go in new directions: Kristof Mulack of Kreuzberg supper club Mulax cooks up an 8-course "radical regional" dinner at the Long March Canteen; Dylan Watson of the much-fêted Jung Grün & Blau will present a liminal autumn menu from his new project, Ernst; meanwhile, Susan Choi of Mr Susan and Stefan Endres of Würgeengel will serve up a meal including "German, Korean and American cultural references". New to me is Ben Pommer, a native Berliner recently returned to his home town, whose six-course meal features thoughtful cocktail pairings.


Countless other gems events are tucked into the rest of the program. Here are a few from my diary:

Sunday 4pm: Nordic Food Lab Workshop: The first workshop in Germany by Nordic Food Lab on the pursuit of bio-cultural diversity

Friday at 6:30pm: Mountains Calling: A special edition of Ursula Heinzelmann's popular cheese talks series with Billy Wagner serving wines to complement four mountain cheeses

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon: Butter-making, food-based fairy tales and more as part of the rich children's program

Stadt Land Food, festival for good food, in and around the Markthalle Neun at Eisenbahnstraße 42, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map)

Windowsill, Walking



The summer has done its work: the nuts cluttering the streets are fat.