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Vienna Pictured/Not Pictured

Vienna 1

Vienna a

Vienna 2

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Off the night train from Berlin to Vienna and straight on to Cafe Sperl for crisp rolls slathered with apricot jam and steaming plates of ham and eggs. (Baffled and delighted that that's what they're called, rather than Schinken und Eier.)

We stayed in an anonymous, central hotel that let us walk almost everywhere, from the Naschmarkt to the prettiest stationery shop I have seen south of R.S.V.P.

An exhibition devoted to a single color is my sort of exhibition. I trailed up the concrete stairs in time to Kind of Blue

The weather was miserable which meant we were happy to linger in all the obvious places. These included Café Prückel, Café Hawelka, and Die Halle. One blessed day we escaped to Langenlois where we lapped up soup dark with pumpkin seed oil and sipped the prettily named Sturm (an Austrian Federweißer) while Loisium guests plashed about in the outdoor pool.

We came home laden with jars of apricot jam from Wachau and the prettiest bags of sugar I have ever seen.

Vienna f


Just want to say the photo of the men seen through the guitar (or sitar, not sure what instrument that is...) is absolutely beautiful!

Lovely photos! You just may have inspired me to go visit Vienna again - haven't been in maybe 8 years. Miserable winter weather sounds perfect for lingering in those beautiful Viennese coffehouses.
Amusing side note: Czechs call ham and eggs "hemendex" :)

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