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Behind this silence, so much life


And in this silence, how life has thrummed on! This space has been in my thoughts always as I go about work and life, as I move through the city. Life - this season - feels between two moments: sowing and harvesting. What will everything become?


Briefly, hardly daring to believe it, I mentioned that we might have found a home. Out of a contracting set of options for where we might live, we seemed to have found a flat that ticked all our boxes. For once, we quashed our fears and leapt. When would we next find a space worth leaping towards? With S at school and our work lives stable, the moment had arrived.


Meanwhile, the sunny season beckoned, louder than ever. I woke to the sound of birds; light glimmered through the blinds when I woke, and I ached for space and air unpunctuated by Brandschutzmauer and roads.


On a whim, I looked for free allotments in Potsdam. A few weeks later - we could hardly believe it! - a garden was ours.


I have gone on eating, discovering, savoring. Writing about restaurants elsewhere than on my blog has felt good. I was delighted to write two restaurant reviews for Zitty, on Yami Yami and Stella.




Within all this, I go on wanting to fold this summer into a box, like a silk scarf that holds in its fibres all the freshness of these days, to take out and inhale in January. The park, the lake, the walk, the sky: these, too consume me.

What will everything become? I begin to sense a line, to trust a future. A harvest season might have begun.


Beautiful, as always! Can't wait to get more peeks at the garden and apartment!

This is so beautifully written - I always marvel at how you can turn a few seemingly everyday moments into pure poetry. Can I visit your garden and pull some weeds alongside you and S?

Hilda, Giulia, thank you so much for your kind words - and yes, we must have a garden party soon!

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