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2007 at a glance


(photo from the Di/G Berlin website)
I quite like the idea of apprehending life at a glance – I once made a graph mapping my first quarter-century – and so found this calendar very appealing. The year is displayed on a single sheet, one side purple with days in English, the other black with German days. Along with the calendar itself you get a packet of 100 punched-hole post-its to encircle a date and describe what's happening on it; as months pass, the post-its move like foliage across an unchanging plain. Prices range from 5-18 EUR depending on whether you're a shop or an individual and on where you're based. I found it for 10 EUR at Bizzi in Stargarderstraße.

The calendar is DiG/Berlin's 2006 offering in their 'products for the masses' series, which includes a replica of Berlin's beloved TV tower, and a font they designed free to download. Commerical projects include posters for Ken Park's films and the logo for the European left-wing party European Left.

Bizzi, Stargarderstraße 17 (map)
Open Mo-Fr 11 am to 7 pm, Sa 11 am to 4 pm

DiG/Berlin, + 49 30 28 59 99 59, info@dig-berlin.de


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