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Clärchen's Ballhaus (Auguststraße)




Clärchen's Ballhaus (now Ballhaus Mitte), a 1920s dance hall in Auguststraße which continues to offer dancing and dining in style...

Ballhaus Mitte, Auguststraße 24, 10117 Berlin


I can also recommend the pizzas in Ballhaus Mitte, which rank up there with those of Il Casolare as among Berlin's best. And very cheap, too -- prices start around EUR 5.

Could you please inform me of any Ballroom dance events?
Thank you

Best Regards,

Eleonore Ansari

The dancing and pizza may be good but the service was awful. We waited half and hour to order, had three different waiters who later confused each other. Our food all came separately and only after an hour and a half. My meal was cold and my fish was very dry. I told our waiter and he shouted at me that even if I don't want to eat it, I had to pay. So, I left my money with my friends and left. At the door he grabbed me and yanked me back inside saying I couldn't leave until I paid. Rude, angry with terrible customer service.

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