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The fall snap was in the air, David had run out of coffee, and I wanted a baguette for dinner tonight so we ventured out into the gray day to stop at the bakery and then to visit Blumencafé across the street.

Adjoining a flower/plant shop, flowers crop up in the rose petal ice cream, as garnish for salads, and even on the little dish bearing the bill (anything from a fragrant trumpet lily to the few modest – truth be told, disappointing – sprigs of heather we got today).

My favourite thing is to come with a friend, order a generous pot of tea along with something to nibble, and soak up the soothing atmosphere, broken only by the squawks of the resident parrots who cavort next door, startling the newcomers.

The Blumencafé uses primarily organic ingredients, and they have a range of breakfasts served all day and a changing display of cakes, along with snacks like olives and sundried tomatoes or roasted almonds – though I must say I come more for the atmosphere than the food itself.

This afternoon, seeing David yawning while paging  through the menu, the waiter brought him an espresso on the house. Afterwards, we browsed through the shop and watched the parrots gnaw at the wooden doorframe with their fierce beaks. The woman there tried to shoo them first by shaking an upturned broom (unsuccessful – the parrots retreated for a moment, then sidled back and resumed gnawing) and then by spritzing them with water (outraged, they swept across the room to a little perch on the other side).

Before we left, we bought a sage plant that the woman promised was winterhart and would do fine on our balcony over the winter; she advised us to pluck sparingly from now until the spring.

Blumencafé, Schönhauser Allee 127a (map)
Open M-Sa 7 am to 8 pm, Su 10 am to 8 pm


Sylee, David told me about your new blog. What a pleasure to read about this cafe! I could use some advise on winter plants for the balcony myself, so that's a fine excuse to go. Not that I need more of an excuse than flowers presented with my bill...

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