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in't Veld & Kakao


It seems uncharitable to mention in't Veld only vis-a-vis a lack when it's one of my favourite places to linger. It's easily the most stylish chocolate shop in Berlin. Their logo is a jaunty ocean liner set against the Berlin skyline, their front entrance sports an antique chocolate vending machine, and the shop itself has a warm, intimate interior of dark woods and rich colours that combine to create a contemplative air, encouraging the visitor to dawdle and weigh the merits of the products on display: Has Zotter just gone too far again, or is the coffee/plum/bacon bar worth trying? Should I give Berlin's own Erich Hamann line a chance? Or how about a few boxes of in't Veld's niftily packaged dark chocolate slabs?

Selections from Amedi, Blanxart, Cowgirl Chocolates, Dolfin, Domori, Gerbaud, Rovira, Summerbird and Valrhona – just to name a few – also fill the shelves. And there's even a handy bench outside to sit and enjoy your purchases, or sip a cup of their rich, viscous hot chocolate ...


If you'd like to linger a little longer, or if, like now, the days are too brisk for al fresco sipping, visit their sister restaurant Kakao (edit 2009: closed), conveniently located next door. On the menu are chocolate antipasti, more hot chocolate variations, a lovely revolving glass case full of homemade cakes, and another with organic ice creams. It's impossibly full on a Sunday afternoon as everyone crowds in for their Kaffee und Kuchen, but most evenings it's not too busy, and the lush brown and maroon interior makes it perfect for winter nights.

in't Veld & Kakao, Dunckerstraße 10, 10437 Berlin
in't Veld open M-F 12 to 7 pm, Sat 11 am to 4 pm
Kakao open daily from 12 onwards


And take a midday shot of rum in your hot chocolate -- they're generous with it.

Also, if you feel like a break from chocolate, they have obscure and tasty German regional beers you won't find anywhere else. (Well, unless you go to the region in question, of course.)

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