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Ornaments aloft


A few weeks ago, utterly charmed by the idea, I signed myself right up for the 2006 holiday ornament swap, envisioning packets flooding in from the four corners, and cheerfully ignoring the busy-busy November that awaited me. And though, college-style, I'm getting everything off at the absolute last moment, I can't say I regret the rush. What a treat to make mail, where I am otherwise so relentlessly electronic, to indulge in the Deutsche Post's exorbitant tarifs.

Are they too untraditional? Can one justify rose and cerulean and mustard vis-à-vis December? I hope so. Meanwhile, three corners have come through (Portugal, Scotland, Norway), six to follow. Exciting times! And that's not even mentioning tonight's  Bordercrossings' launch party...



Well another corner, an Australian one, should be arriving to you within the next week and a half! Although after seeing what I've got so far I'm more than a little nervous...

Hurrah - I can't wait! And mind, the Deutsche Post did say everything should arrive in a week or so, so you'll have my packet soon too, I hope...

The ornaments are just beautiful! I love the colors:)

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