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Voland (& Scho)


Just back from a celebratory dinner at Voland, our favourite neighbourhood Eastern European restaurant. On the bill tonight was the Ukrainian trio Scho. (Click here for the last few seconds of their final set.)

Voland's burnt ochre interior is coziest in late autumn and winter, and its solid Eastern European cuisine most fitting to these seasons. On the menu are the usual bliny, piroschki and borscht, as well as a delightful array of dumplings, including pelmeni and wareniki. The menu changes daily so the exact configurations vary; last night the meat-stuffed pelmeni were on offer with smetana (similar to sour cream) or butter and vinegar, while the wareniki were filled with potato or white sauerkraut and topped with sauteed mushrooms and crisp bits of onion. I'd never seen the Georgian speciality tshudu before. Ordering it, three flaky pastries arrive, one stuffed with meat, the other with potatoes, and the last (my favourite) with cheese. For dessert there are sour cherry dumplings, and bottles of Baltika are - barring delivery problems - on offer.

Voland, Wichertstr. 63 (map)
Live music on Friday and Saturday nights, with a cover ranging from 3 to 5 EUR; booking on these nights is recommended.


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