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Yams at work or in general


I take a tireless pleasure in the non-recipe; pepper toast (toast bread, spread thinly with butter, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper) is just one example. Another, recently recovered, is yams. For what to do with that late-morning lull, where lunch is not yet appropriate? And why waste that oven, on for a lasagne or a tray of scones?

Wrap a scrubbed yam neatly in aluminum foil and place in an oven that's already on at whatever temperature, taking care to keep the foil's seams facing up, or place on another piece of foil for more security. And then forget about it for an hour or an hour and a half, and then remove it and undo the foil and pierce the flesh with a fork to see it sink in without the slightest resistance. Then rewrap and leave on the kitchen table, indeed in the oven, until next morning when you take it to work and enjoy, reheated or not, at your desk. Butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar, are unnecessary frills you might opt for.


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