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Advent calendars


I've always been lucky in being able to share in David's enthusiasm for special occasions and rituals. In his passion for advent calendars he's integrated most thoroughly into German culture*: advent calendars are everywhere, in unconventional form as candles (24 wicks) or teas (24 types), or with the traditional doors, and behind them chocolates, scented oils - I hear there are even naughty varieties.

Since we first started dating he's given me advent calendars filled with little treats and notes, but the last two years he's gone a step further, decorating the calendar himself, and this year he's even put behind each door one piece in a story that will unfold over the coming days. For continuity, the advent calendar beside the first door pictured above is actually a representation of last year's advent calendar (you see, in the story it is already the night before Christmas, and that is why all the doors are open). After the overture formed by the stories behind the first and second doors, I await tomorrow's plot twist eagerly. And the tiny square of chocolate too, of course.

*On reading this, David informed me that in fact advent calendars are a firm fixture in British culture, and that he had an advent calendar every year growing up. American me, who was I to know?


I grew up with advent calendars and advent chains and advent wreaths in America.

Heavens, clearly I am just Not In Tune...

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