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Elderflower tea


I've always liked the idea of tisanes and herbal infusions, associating them as I do with daydreaming while looking out the window,but up till now have not really found herbs or combinations that I genuinely enjoyed drinking. Peppermint always seemed a bit too aggressive and simple for me, chamomille - inexplicably - has always made me feel nauseated, and the fruity blends Germans are so fond of taste artifically cheerful, even when the ingredients are all natural.

As a stalwart fan of elderflower's perfumed intensity, I found myself pausing over Sonnentor's brown-paper packet of dried elderflower leaves (Holunderbl├╝ten) while browsing at the BioCompany. After eyeing it over a few visits I was unable to resist, reasoning it was just the thing for my lingering cold, and brought some home with me.

It might, finally, be just the tea I've been searching for. Already I love the ceremony of crushing the little buds and stalks with my fingers and am taken by its mild, honeyed fragrance. And elderflower tea is touted as a cure for coughs, colds and the flu. Find it at the BioCompany if you're in Berlin or order from Sonnentor's website (only in German): a 50-g bag is 2.80 EUR; in the States, In Pursuit of Tea carries dried elderflowers as well.



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