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Keramik Stefanie Scheier (II)


After a few crossed wires I managed to speak to Stefanie last week, visiting her in her atelier/shop on my way to the Kollwitzplatz market while David had a crêpe at Etienne. It was exciting to sit down with her, if a bit awkward, as I think we are both shy people.

She told me she completed her art training in her early twenties, and has been a social worker since then, working first with homeless children, and currently with drug addicts. When she moved to Berlin five years ago she resumed working with ceramics, and that was when she discovered the technique of imprinting clay with patterned papers: a neue Anfang, or new beginning for her.

The East German ceramicist who introduced her to the technique made works quite different to hers, and indeed, she says she's only ever found one book on the subject. Ceramics is still something she does in her spare time, but she says she finds it increasingly difficult to divide herself between vocation and avocation. No online shop yet, but I'll certainly post details if she ever does open one! In the meantime, Berlin residents and visitors can find her at her shop on Saturdays from noon to 4 pm or by appointment.

I've waxed eloquent before, and will say again how much I enjoy the distinct sensibility of her work. I love how the piece above evokes the Greek palette, and how others make material the Italian papers I otherwise turn into cards or letters. I am still carefully considering exactly what I'd like to have her make for me (David has promised me a few pieces for a Christmas present). Cups for tea? One of her mysterious, pleasing containers? We'll see...

Keramik Stefanie Scheier, Husemannstraße 23 (map)
Open Saturdays noon-4pm Update 2008: Tuesdays-Fridays 1-7pm, Saturdays 11am-4pm


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