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The Christmas markets (Domäne Dahlem I)


There is excitement and there is excitement, and walking into the Domäne Dahlem Christmas market was most firmly the latter. Easily the best of the four Christmas markets I visited last weekend, the treasures of Domäne Dahlem resist summary, but let me count my non-food favourites.
1) Where else can you find a working apiary that offers candle-making during advent, complete with nifty wooden tables inset with deep tubs of hot wax? Much less adorable children busily fashioning conifers, snow people, stars and other figures?
2) Or a female blacksmith forging lengths of iron into Christmas decorations?

3) Or an indigo dyeing workshop, run by the same family for generations, complete with dye stamps?
4) Or a weaving workshop, full of colourful handmade fabrics from local wools and other fibres?
5) Or an old-fashioned take on bumper cars, with the vehicles powered by muscles rather than creaking fairground motors?

Stay tuned tomorrow for edible highlights – and I encourage anyone in or near Berlin to ink a visit to the market into their advent calendar.

Domäne Dahlem Adventsmarkt, December 9th-10th & 16th-17th from 11 am-7 pm. Admission is 1 EUR for adults, 0.50 EUR for reductions, and free for children. (map)


I really enjoyed this post. What a find, the Domane Dahlem Adventsmarket. Thanks for posting this!

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