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Leek and olive tart


I can't say it's something I'd whip up every night of the week - it is a touch too much work for most evenings - but after a few spartan meals over the past few days I wanted something that felt like dinner, and this leek and olive tart, paired with glasses of cold wheat beer, seemed just the thing.

Fields of Greens is the successor to the Greens cookbook and represents a view of cooking a few years on, with an early-nineties attention to healthy cooking. Accordingly, the leeks are sauteed in olive oil, and the butter in the yeasted crust is restrained. Of course, if you substitute the half and half almost completely with cream, you're back to the luxurious decadent vegetarian cooking I so laud Deborah Madison for (meatless does not have to equal abstemious, is one of my refrains).

Half and half or cream, I was delighted with this tart, both hot last night, and at room temperature this morning. This was my first attempt at crust and filling in this manner, and it marked my debut with the 9-inch tart pan I received for Christmas too. I did feel like a conjuror, whipping something so whole from the oven.



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