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MaGo Keramik


I've been coveting Manja Goetze's ceramic pieces for a while, having been utterly taken by the gorgeous way her glazes pool at the bottom of her vessels in vivid rich blues; the matte contrast of the brown exterior and bone rim has also always pleased me. This Saturday I walked past the market on a mission, went in, dithered briefly between cups and mugs, then laid down my money: easily the best 15 EUR I've spent for an age, and this morning's tea felt correspondingly ennobled.

Manja shows her work at the Galerie Jeanne Koepp; Koepp's work is also worth checking out.

MaGo Keramik at the Galerie Jeanne Koepp, Kollwitzstr. 53 (map)
Tel. + 49 30 4419591, manja.goetze-schmidt@gmx.net
Open Mon-Fri 1 pm to 7 pm, Sat noon to 4 pm



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