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4 posts from April 2007

Labour Day


Are Germans known for being literal? (I have been here too long to remember the stereotypes.) Well, when it comes to holidays, no birthdays are pushed around to make long weekends, and if you have May 1st off, you have May 1st off, Tuesday or not, and it's up to you to use your holiday allowance for the Monday. (Me, I worked.)

Out of the dead land


After wretched weeks where I struggled to post with my computer crashing every ten minutes, I am back with all my ducks in a row, my computer's cooling case cleaned and a backlog of entries waiting to be posted until I'm all caught up and Berlin Reified may march on as it did in days past. My friends will gather around once again, I hope...

Lycidas/Aberdeen Art Gallery/Kelly-Anne Cairns


The 'Art in Aberdeen' evening put on by the conference organizers was easily one of the highlights of my trip to Aberdeen.  I loved this space when I first visited it in 2004, picking out this exasperated Lycidas by the entryway as one of my favourites. The gallery came alive in a different way this time through Kelly-Anne Cairns' thoughtful illumination of the works on display. Afterwards I quizzed Kelly-Anne for gallery recommendations in Edinburgh with an eye to our trip there in late May: the Leith Gallery, the Open Eye Gallery, and the Scottish Gallery were all on her list.

Astonishing mushrooms (1)


Fungi Delikat appeared at the Kollwitzplatz market one day with a gorgeous array of mushrooms. Visiting the market with my mom, she chose these to accompany our celeriac bisque. Fry on high heat in butter and olive, then top with chopped flat-leaf parsley, lemon zest, a finely minced garlic clove, salt and pepper. Fungi Delikat makes an appearance most (but not all) Saturdays at the Kollwitzplatz market.