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Blé Sucré (with thanks to David Lebovitz)


Food bloggers are guardian angels when an innocent abroad, no? Usually I like to put myself in the world's hands, but after two dismal meals yesterday (at 7ème Sud and Le Potager du Marais, if you must know, though I don't like negative reviews) I walked home vowing I would not veer from places I had on a respected someone's word, uncreative as that course may be.

The only problem there is feeling feeble echoing another's praise - but perhaps it is fair to amplify and add an observation or two. I rushed over to Blé Sucré on Wednesday after reading David Lebovitz's evocative post and bought a packet of madeleines to share with David and our French teacher that afternoon. They did me proud: Avital commented twice on how good they were: and I could hardly wait to return.

There is no higher troika of traits in my world than warmth, excellence and lack of pretence: Blé Sucré scored full marks on all three. Back this afternoon, David and I ordered their great midday offer of a baguette, a tart and a drink for 5.50 and took our booty to the adjoining square. While David sketched, I returned for a sack of salted butter caramels (barely solid and so chewy); with the smile the woman flashed me as she handed me my change, I felt like returning every day.

I've been very grateful for everything David Lebovitz, Clothide/Chocolate & Zucchini and Molly/Orangette have had to say about Paris; I would love  recommendations of further Paris food blogs to check out.

Below, our tarte citron & apple rhubarb crumble...

Blé Sucré, Square Trousseau, 75012 Paris
Open 7 am - 19.30 Tuesday-Saturday, 7 am - 13.30 Sunday



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