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9 posts from June 2007

Rose Bakery Redux


For anyone planning to visit the Rose Bakery I can heartily recommend getting there early. You watch the place wake up, Rose instructs the servers to fill the capacious soup bowls a third of the way, a tall boy annoints a table of dough rounds with sauce and toppings, and the rooms are blissfully empty. You don't really notice the buzz building but suddenly the two seats beside you are the only ones unoccupied and you both rise to let the brunettes squeeze in with all their shopping. After a small salad plate ('small', but containing four generous helping of whatever you'd like to choose from the bowls up front) we decided to relinquish our choice windowside seat to two hovering Swedes and headed across the street for a half-dozen celebratory mini macarons at Arnaud Delmontel's.

Chez Gladine


Anne-Solène and Benjamin always know where to take us. Our meal at Chez Gladine was another hit, featuring delicious, affordable food from the southwest of France and Basque country, coupled with a sighting of Comédie-Française star Michel Vuillermoz, whose head you can see in profile above. I enjoyed my plate of Brebis with black cherry jam, and David wolfed down his Basque omelet, but if I were to return, I thought, I'd order what Anne-Solène had had: a generous dish of potatoes topped with gloriously bronzed Cantal. And indeed I did just that when we went back for my birthday dinner!

Chez Gladines, 30, rue des 5 Diamants, 75013 Paris
Open daily from 11.30