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Hazelwood (Summer season)


A sudden rain struck as we were walking to the Prater, and when we arrived it was forlorn, largely abandoned, and we paused, fazed to realize we would have to depart from our Sunday evening tradition. But I hadn't been to Hazelwood for ages, since the winter, really, and wondered how it fared in the summer, and felt its menu might be analogue to Prater's: picnic food, if you will.

We were fazed again to see that menu had altered -- pleasing diner standards such as the delectable grilled cheese had disappeared -- but when I ordered the cheeseburger I was happy to see that the rolls were still there, if less crisp. Leafing through the Guaridan Weekly, Die Zeit's Leben magazine and a Christmas edition of British Vogue, we nevertheless were content.

Hazelwood, Choriner Str. 72 (map)
Open T-Fri from 6 pm, Sat-Sun from 10 am
Update 2008: Closed!


The chef moved on, hence drop in standards.

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