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French plum tart, or Zwetschgen conquered


Half my plums went into a lovely batch of Nicky's Zwetschgenknödel. Her photographs are so gorgeous I would be embarrassed to post mine, but do check out her foolproof recipe. (For the record, a bamboo steamer works a treat.)

The other fourteen sat about looking forlorn for a few days before I decided to press them into service for Winson and Karolina's leaving party. My recipe base was simple -- the Verlet Apricot Tart I waxed eloquent about before -- but this time with a few more frills, such as doubling the creamy filling, mixing acacia with the baobob honey, and, of course, substituting plums.

Knowing their tartness I was extra-generous with the final sprinkling of confectioner's sugar, and this time I had David's keen eye to place the Zwetschgen just so. (The baking, sadly, wreaked havoc on his lovely pattern.) Still, the other guests were pleased enough, and I found myself getting up for seconds between a lively conversation with a visiting Egyptologist. Karolina & Winson, we'll miss you!



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