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A walk along the water (Travemünde)


Our day in Lübeck was a great success, but my eyes really shine when remembering the afternoon in Travemünde. This small beach town bordering the Baltic Sea is where Thomas Mann fondly remembers summering, and we were lucky, on a mid-autumn afternoon, to have exquisite skies and clear walking. Alighting from the bus we rushed to the water, then headed left along the beach with no particular plan, pausing to admire the several trees that had capsized from cliff into sea.

Once we began to flag we stopped an approaching couple to ask how much further the next town was, and, reassured, continued for another forty-five minutes or so until the beachside buildings of Niendorf appeared on the horizon.

Safely ensconced in a beachside cafe, we sat by the window and watched a small child rushing at the swans at the shoreline, who whisked themselves away in that indignant manner of swans. Our Spätzle arrived and we inhaled it, then decided against cake in favour of Quarkbrötchen from the small bakery along the harbour. We munched the raisin-studded buns while taking the cliff route back to Travemünde, and lingered on the promenade for a half-hour observing children fly kites before making our way to the bus, to Lübeck, and thence to Berlin.



that sounds like a perfect day.

the kind of travel so admired in Room With a View--without Baedeker ;-). do you like that novel?

thanks for sharing the story and the pictures

I've got only very hazy memories of Room with a View, but in recent years I have developed a healthy appetite for intuitive wandering. David has a very good instinct for good restaurants and bars, which helps!

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