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Fresh pasta at pastaroom


Oh, fresh pasta is a bit old hat, but I couldn't resist the stairs leading down to Pastaroom's little den on Goltzstraße. I had just begun to survey their edited selection of pastas (eg ravioli stuffed with Steinpilze) when the shopman followed me down and began to explain how everything was made fresh daily, how they had to expand because customers wanted to eat the hot dishes on the spot, not cart them away, how it's been busier and busier now that they've been featured in Zitty, in the newspapers, on TV, even. So I suppose I'm coming late to that little parade (though mysteriously I can't hardly find anything on them on the internet, not even their own website) but still, these curiously chewy, curiously dense wedges of chili pasta were just the thing on Thursday night -- and it seems time for me to move beyond Prenzlauer Berg again...

Pastaroom, Goltzstraße 52 (map)
Tel. (030) 47981066
I didn't bother to copy down the opening hours, figuring I'd just check on their website, but as that's not working, I suppose you'd do well to phone; I imagine they'd be open for lunch every day except Sunday, perhaps.


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