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One year/Autumn


But now one senses the season's tip into winter. I remember this day last year as more luminous - sitting on the sofa, searching out my first photos, trying to wrangle the Typepad software into doing what I wanted it to do. People seem to commemorate their anniversaries, so here's mine; and on this occasion I can note that writing Berlin Reified makes me pay close attention to the world and brings to that  observing the joy of knowing I have a single radiant someone to share that world with (for I imagine you as one particular reader, reading this as I write). And reader, what do you make of it all, I wonder? And what do you like, and what do you like less?


congratulations on one year of blogging. I just found you a week or so ago, so I will have fun looking into the archives.

it is nice to share things, isn't it?

congrats on your blog anniversary! Well, since you're asking... I soak up all of your photos of Berlin 'cos they bring a piece of home over to where I am (about 1800 km south of you, that is). There's nothing on your blog I don't like, but when there's a pic - even if it's just of fallen leaves - it makes my day! :)

Keep it up!

oh, I meant to say: if you're venturing into Lichterfelde and Steglitz, take an extra photo or two! (Dahlem was close enough though to make my heart beat faster!!)

J: Oh, it is, it makes all the difference somehow. & I'm looking forward to exploring Nearby the Sea...

Sabine: Thank you for your sweet words! Sometimes I wonder if the photos are too cryptic, so I'm glad you enjoy them. And I'm heading back to Dahlem in a couple of week so will do my best to capture a few corners there.

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