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Another Hanseatic city ticked off our list!

Swoon in Berlin


I really must get around to renaming this category.

A branch in the fall (Kreuzberg)


I was very fond of this bough.

Erntefest Domäne Dahlem (Squash & Thanksgiving)


Squash galore! Loyal readers will remember my elation on discovering the Christmas market at Domäne Dahlem. These scenes from the Erntefest make clear, I think, that this harvest festival was just as delightful.

Inked into my calendar is Domäne Dahlem's Textilhandwerksmarkt on November 10th & 11th, which will bring together over forty fabric artists from all of Germany: spinners and weavers will share space with carpet-makers, felters, and dyers, and indigo and batik cloths will be on display. The textiles fair concides with St Martin's Day; accordingly, goose is on the menu and a parade with lanterns is planned for the late afternoon. Another round of photos to follow...

Domäne Dahlem, Königin-Luise-Straße 49 (map)


Calling all quince lovers!


Five years ago, quince was just a lovely word, and I couldn't have picked out a knobbly specimen in a line-up. But then How to Eat lived for a long time on my bedside table, and more recently I ogled Melissa's gems and began daydreaming about quince champagne cocktails. And so on a recent morning, my heart beat faster on spotting a colleague's free crate of organic quince advertised on the company intranet, and I leapt to accept. After reading about quince bought for $1 or $1.99 per fruit, I felt like a king cramming two kilograms into my backpack before heading home.

The house is fragrant (pungent, David would say) with the mysterious pleasing pineapple/nutmeg scent. Over the last couple of nights I've made a robust batch of quince paste, and plan to do a quince variation on the Verlet tart this weekend.

But this will make just a dent in my supply, and while quinces are hardy, I think it's only sensible to pass on the largesse and offer some fruit to a good home. So, dear readers, please email me at the link to the left or leave a comment, and we'll work out the details of when and where. I'm happy to advise quince novices, and will even throw in a piece of my membrillo for good measure...

Kreuzberg Astronaut


Everyone needs a guardian astronaut.

Housewarming (bread & salt)


I was charmed, if baffled, when Murdo and Beate pressed a salt cellar and a loaf of bread into my hands on arriving at our housewarming party last spring. I later learned this pair is the traditional gift for a new home, with all manner of reasons given for their significance.

Never mind the reasons, though. Is there anything more pleasing than this little blue jar from Frau Rose's filled with coarse Italian sea salt from Goldhahn und Sampson, just waiting to be paired with a fresh raisin bun and given to a friend newly housed?