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Organic lemon curd revisited (Edible gifts)


For those of you who have taken a handmade pledge or just feel unequal to the tumult of the shops, I pass on my rediscovery of last January's lemon curd, just in time for holiday gifting. I gave the first jar to the hosts of a delightful Nikolaus party last Thursday; the second was biding its time in the fridge, just waiting for a sudden social occasion, until I was overcome and snapped open the lid to the heady scent of eggy lemon, then slathered a huge spoonful onto my BioCompany wheat/rye buttermilk bread. But with more lemons and eggs hanging around, I don't regret it one whit.


Hi Sylee! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and my, yours is delicious! I love this jar, the handwriting and the content. Wish I could have lemon curd, and I'm sure yours is to die for. :)

Oh, I wish I could give you a jar! It's so simple, and satisfying, and that recipe has that alchemic mystery in the sudden coming together of such disparate ingredients.

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