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Cake redux


No sooner posted than (re)visited: Cake was on my mind after writing about it yesterday, so when we were leaving the market and David suggested Albrecht's, I proposed Cake instead. Don't you just want to dive into these creamy berry-studded layers?

Note that they also do cakes to take away, and birthday parties too. I haven't had a birthday party since I was tiny and am daydreaming of one for my 30th; Cake is definitely on the short list. Readers, any other ideas of places (cafés or otherwise) that would shine on a May afternoon?



Actually yes, I do! but first I must apologize for disappearing from the Web for a while. I am not quite back yet, but I try to follow the ongoings whenever possible. Now for my tip:
If it is sunny, the little garden in front of Café Buchwald (S-Bellevue) is a perfect recluse: sitting amongst the roses you can enjoy the sun and the best cakes in the city. Coffee, alas, is less spectacular: go for a normal Filterkaffee. Tea, as well, is better purchased by the Kännchen, that way you avoid bad teabags and get quite decent real stuff. This place is not about fancy -inos, it's about cake, and Torte, and very oldfashioned utterly German 1950s-style Kaffeetrinken gehen. I thoroughly enjoy its oldfashionedness... Mind you: outside is self-service, but it's oh so nice to sit there! Specialty: Baumkuchen.

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