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After a quiet start about a year ago, Cake seems to have blossomed nicely, thanks in part, no doubt, to the patronage of a Zitty reporter who's mentioned the place in several issues now.

Snapping a shot of my cake (marizpan/chocolate/vanilla) I frowned a bit, realizing it wouldn't look particularly spectacular, but then, that's not really the point. In contrast to the frosting-as-decoration model followed by many bakeries I've visited in Berlin, the vanilla cream layers in my cake are as light as a dream, and as simple: vanilla, cream, a bit of sugar, nothing else, no butter and certainly no stabilizers to leave a chemical buzz on your tongue.

And so, though I was certain I wouldn't manage it, the slice disappeared with alarming ease.

Cake, Choriner Str. 14 (map)
Tel. 0176 2715 7525
Open Wednesdays to Sundays noon to 7 pm



let them eat Cake!

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