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Balcony bulbs


I don't think it's too late to plant the so-called summer bulbs, though you'd do best to be quick. After the soothing work of peeling off papery skins, I placed the gladioli and ornithogalum in their pots, then waited. Five of the ten gladioli have already sent up their mulberry shoots the ornithogalum has not yet done much, but I'm waiting.

Meanwhile, the first set of coriander seeds have sprouted their cotyledons and a few pioneers have even moved on to the frilled leaves of coriander as we know it; the parsley and chives lag behind but gain ground daily.

And would anyone like to join in the fun?  I've overbought and a paper bag full of packets (herbs mostly, with a few blooms) sits on my desk waiting to be shared.



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