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Japanese art (Oto)


I've peered into the windows over many weeks now, on my endless way to Sasaya, and Oto turned out to be as pleasing as I had hoped, arrayed with pale, tidy vessels, neat lengths of wood fashioned to knives, Mayuko Tomiyama's vibrant series of screenprint postcards (see the cerulean diving bird above), and the placid ceramic sparrow and fish by Tunehisa and Keiko Gunji (below). Now if you're quick, you might just snag one of the scrumptious strawberry tarts they're doling out on the sidewalk.

Oto, Lychener Stra├če 50, Prenzlauer Berg (map)
Tel. (030) 547 30641
Open M-F noon to 8 pm, Sat 10 am - 6 pm