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Rhubarb Tarte Tatin


For those of you eyeing the rhubarb in the shops unsure of what to do with those rosy stalks, may I heartily recommend a rhubarb tarte tatin? It was Everyday's idea, not mine, I should hasten to add, but having made one once with her (and her lovely seasoned cast-iron skillet) I was eager to try it again.

We weren't entirely convinced by the flavor of the star anise called for in the Guardian's recipe, but I wanted a bit of spice, so I threw in a few black peppercorns when making the second tarte, fishing them out before the caramel hardened; also, if you like me lack an overproof skillet, know that you can simply pour the liquid caramel into a baking dish and let it cool there, enjoying the tinkling music it makes as it cracks.



Mmmm... that looks lovely.
Today I made some strawberry rhubarb crisp, it was lovely and the first time I'd ever made anything with rhubarb even though I grew up with it.

I feel like an idiot- even though I bake quite a bit I can't understand the recipe. So I put rhubarb in a pan, put some commercial pstry over it and cook? Then what do I do with the pre-made caramel?I was thinking I would try this, as I have some rhubarb left from my strawberry-rhubarb cobbler and rhubarb compote, but 1. I don't know where to get puff pastry- what's it called in German? and 2. then I would be lost in this recipe... Can you clarify for the challenged?Thanks!

that's a great idea for a rhubarb cake! last week a made one following Jamie Olivers recipe in Jamies Italy for the blueberry/grapetart, using rhubarb instead of grapes. but tatin with rhubarb sounds so delicious.
@G: puff pastry is Blätterteig in german. You get it either deep-frozen (then it will be small rectangular pieces) or "fresh", rolled up and wrapped in plastic at Lidl, Plus and sometimes Penny (and for sure as well at the more expensive supermarkets). Tatin tarts are down-under tarts; you need the caramel tho sweeten and colour the fruits you use. Pour the caramel into the pan, then add the fruits (the classic tatin is with appels) and cover it with the pastry. bake it until golden and serve down under. enjoy with ice cream, creme fraiche or custard.

Readers helping readers! Wonderful, and just as well, considering I've fallen asleep in cyberspace again... Thanks to Julia for clarifying the recipe. G, if you feel like doodling about a bit more, you can also make your own puff pastry (I found the idea quite daunting but was amazed at how fast it went in a food processor). We used a half-batch of the Cook's Illustrated recipe for 'Quickest Puff Pastry', also available online here: http://www.cooksillustrated.com/images/document/howto/MA94_Puffpastry.pdf

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