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Sgaminegg (New happenings on Seelower Stra├če)


Or perhaps not so very long after all, for what do new parents need more than a second living room to retreat to or entertain in, when one begins to chafe at the confines of a two-room flat that's housing three? In typical Prenzlauer Berg fashion the cafe that's opened up around the corner is even younger than our newborn (two weeks old to her five): out with the Christian bookshop, in with Sgaminegg.

For me, these are the halcyon days, where the sunflooded interior is mostly silent but for the stereo and the soft comings and goings of the owners and their friends. But passers-by look in, a Francophone trio spends a half-hour at one of the sidewalk tables, notebooks in hand, and who knows where the place will go next, if it will turn awful or remain quietly luminous?

And for those who are into that sort of thing, the little display in the back room features not only the plain-Jane Maldon sea salt but the smoked variety too.

Sgaminegg, Seelower Str. 2 (map)
Open M-F 10 am-8 pm, S 10am-6pm (a Sunday opening beckons) Update 2009: Open M-F 8.30am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm
Tel. (030) 44731525 / 0152 296 55477




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