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The Madras Palace


Oh, how I dream of the Madras Palace as I sit in some Himalaya Rani Namaskar joint in Berlin, gamely choking down another over-creamy curry. And how pleasing to be back in that shabby interior, jostling amongst the grandmas at the buffet, spearing an uthapam, ladling out some chana dal payasam, eating to happy excess. Everything's fresh, everything's deeply flavorful, the menu is different each time I come, and nothing on that menu is taken from the Indian Restaurant Generator (palak paneer devotees will have to look elsewhere). After years and years of Berlin, I find the suburban strip mall location merely piquant rather than soul destroying. Note that the lunch buffet is the way to go!

Madras Palace, 74 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg MD (map)
Tel. (301) 977-1600


I find the same goes for asian restaurants (except for wok show, that is!) sadly, and yes suburban malls are so exotic by comparison to Berlin! I can't wait for our next trip to north america!

Oh please stop it, i moved to Duisburg from Berlin and here we dont even HAVE indian restaurants such a shame!

Marguerite, you like the Wok Show too?! It is a great place, and Yvonne mentioned recently that they've got hot pot too now, which I'm dying to try.

CK, I abhor reading people gloat about great Indian food when I'm in Berlin -- but can't help doing it myself now, sorry! Do you manage to come back to Berlin for visits or are you there permanently now?

someone should open up a montgomery county-themed strip mall somewhere on the edge of prenzlauer berg. it could have, like, a cvs and a really delicious taiwanese restaurant. i think it would be a big hit!

Max: God I wish I could have taken you to Munchies Paradise, just off the Pike.

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