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9 posts from February 2009

Off to Scotland!

We're off to Scotland very very early this morning. I'll see what the Internet facilities are like at Burghead library, but don't be cross if I don't return till mid-March.

Buffalo milk in Berlin!

My God but I'm excited. Raw milk was great, but finding a source for buffalo milk is really extraordinary. I've been harrassing the Bobalis people for ages at the markets, but they always told me the only way to get their milk was to go to their water bufffalo farm. Finally I phoned up last week and after detailed discussions with a very kind woman at Bobalis, a less helpful woman at EO, and a friendly gentleman at Kiepert & Kutzner, I was able to pick up my first delivery today.

You see, buffalo milk is delicious in ways I cannot even begin to capture in language. What you need to do, if you haven't tried it already, is to rush to the organic supermarket right now (here's a map) and buy yourself a bottle. They've got two on the shelf, which they took to see if there's interest. Show them there is! It's the best 3.15 EUR you'll spend this week.

Tart time

I never thought I'd join the ranks of those who whipped up a crust in ten minutes of an afternoon, yet here I am. (I use Jasper White's recipe for savory tarts too, adding a splash of cider vinegar to the water when it's cooling in the freezer.)

As Far As No Eye Can See (1950s panoramic photos of Berlin)

The view out the window of the Berlinsche Galerie is wonderful, but more wonderful still are the panoramic photos of Berlin and most fabulous of all is the little man whom you can spot over and over again in the largest of these photos, patiently bearing the immense ruler that allowed the photographer to piece his panorama together. See what I mean here.

Lunch (a la Uniform Studio)

The instant I saw Martha's lunch I coveted just such a plate. So perfect for these busy days.

Sleds in Berlin

It's as if German parents were issued these sleds by the government: they're everywhere the moment it snows. & find more photos from my snowy walk here.

Cherry blossoms & snow


How pleasing to wake to snowy branches and my cherry blossoms finally bloomed. And, playing with S on the rug, how envigorating to see those branches reflected in the light. Prints by mav and Lynn, and the cherry branches from the florist down the road. If you've been eyeing those green buds, do trust that they will blossom.