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Buffalo milk in Berlin!

My God but I'm excited. Raw milk was great, but finding a source for buffalo milk is really extraordinary. I've been harrassing the Bobalis people for ages at the markets, but they always told me the only way to get their milk was to go to their water bufffalo farm. Finally I phoned up last week and after detailed discussions with a very kind woman at Bobalis, a less helpful woman at EO, and a friendly gentleman at Kiepert & Kutzner, I was able to pick up my first delivery today.

You see, buffalo milk is delicious in ways I cannot even begin to capture in language. What you need to do, if you haven't tried it already, is to rush to the organic supermarket right now (here's a map) and buy yourself a bottle. They've got two on the shelf, which they took to see if there's interest. Show them there is! It's the best 3.15 EUR you'll spend this week.


Wow, that's dedication! I hope they'll have some when we come back from our trip to Canada! (after which trip I also plan to go back to blogging ahem!)

So imagine my delight when, perusing the Galerie Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz this evening in search of some British cheddar, I stumbled across buffalo milk ice cream! Yes, you read that correctly: buffalo milk ice cream! Who knew the world contained such riches? And it's fancy Italian ice cream at that, containing very little in the way of nasty industrial nonsense. Perhaps best of all, it comes in a cool silver metal tin which you could use to store knick-knacks once it's empty (although the ergonomics of the thing are questionable -- very cold metal object plus fingers, you do the math). In any case, Ms Reified has a treat in store when she gets back from her sojourn in the New World! (As the Galerie Kaufhof slogan would have it, ich freu' mich drauf!)

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