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Buchstabenmuseum (The Museum of the Letter)

Everyone who has gazed with drop-jawed awe at the gorgeous signs adorning nondescript buildings in Berlin will breathe a sigh of relief to know Anja Schulze and Barbara Dechant have been paying attention. The two founded the Buchstabenmuseum (the Museum of the Letter) to preserve gems that would otherwise have ended up on the scrap heap. Treasures include the sign for a Tegel shoe shop pictured in the foreground above. If you haven't been, ink May 9th into your calendar: that's when the Schaudepot is next open.

Design lovers take note: Anja and Barbara are looking for volunteers to help with their project. Contact them for more details, or click here to learn about becoming a member. (I was so taken by the idea that I volunteered to translate their website, so all this will be available in English soon too.)

Buchstabenmuseum, Leipziger Str. 49 (map)
Open on the second Saturday of every month from 1-6pm


Again I marvel at the ideas people have in your city-
Enjoy the translation work!


All that silly Berlin hype (which seems to be abating at last, thank heavens!) has always made me embarrassed (so un-Berlin!) but yes, sometimes I want to answer their praise with my own praise and say 'Come and show me another city...'

I agree! The hype (abating? Oh, good!) comes from the outside, the real good ideas are hidden (like this one) and must be praised nevertheless. You are so right!!

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