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Gone Fishin’

Kitas in Berlin often have sweet signs hanging in their doors to let parents know where the kids are. I love them for the obvious reasons: their improvised quality, the places they list, the trust they emblematize. (The Auf'm Ausflug pointed at above means "on a field trip".)


auf'm friedhof !!

Lovely! What is Körte and what is Marheini?

Herr Shortpants, it's exquisite, isn't it? (Auf'm Friedhof means at the cemetary; before you think these children too macabre, know that the preschool faces an old, green, charming graveyard.)

Jo, good questions! The Berlinerisch-ness of it is fantastic. Marheini is Marheinekeplatz, and Körte is the playground in Körtestraße.

So typical and nice! Thanks!!

im Kiez spazieren is especially great. I love that kids feel safe and comfortable just tooling around their neighborhood.

"Tooling around" is a lovely verb. That sense of safety (telling people where the kids are!) is a continual source of delight in Berlin.

Unglaublich dass das tatsächlich passiert ist :)

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