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Herb walk


Berlin is so full of good things. Last Friday I went along to a Kräuterwanderung organized by the Grüne Liga. We met at the gates of the botanic garden in Blankenfelde and within minutes were plucking birch leaves off a supple branch and popping them into our mouths. It didn't stop there: linden leaves, tender pine needles, daisies, violets and beech-buds are a few of the other delicacies we sampled. When I left early because S was fussing, the group was just tramping down a tree-shaded path to collect wild Bärlauch with Elizabeth Westphal in the lead (a profoundly amiable guide).

I cannot imagine a more charming way to spend a morning. Spring is the perfect time to explore the fields, so sign up now!


Well, I never knew about pine needles, how good! Have you ever tried marigold? Yummy!

All the best

Another great tip of an unusual thing to do in Berlin... it's tips such as these that are why I love your site!

Jo, I don't think I have tried marigold, or only in the context of a rarefied salad. I'll watch out for it! And Antiques Diva, thank you for the kind words -- enjoy!

Just signed up for the walk on June 12!

Leslie, I almost wrote to ask if you wanted to join me on this one (the friend I was going with had to cancel at the last minute) but then was too shy. Now I'm kicking myself! Enjoy the 12th -- Elizabeth is fabulous.

That's really sweet that you were too shy! Don't worry, I don't bite. Just kidding. Anyway, it would have been nice to meet you, but on the other hand, I'm kind of glad that I got to read about your experience first and have some time for Vorfreude and anticipation before I go on the walk myself. Particularly because during this time I have been reading about walks and my Brooklyn partner-in-crime Sara has reported on a really nice guided walk, all of which is inspiring me to document the herb walk for our blog.

Vorfreude is the best, it's true, but I still hope our paths will cross one day!

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