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27 posts from April 2009

Stars on the street



A quiet cafe with a chandelliered interior of gold and lush turquoise, an impromptu concert by the canal, the sweetest bookshop next door.

Goldmarie, Grimmstraße 29, Berlin Kreuzberg (map)
Open 9 am till late

Ufer für Alle!

Fighting for the riverbanks. Do you leave when your city changes too far out of recognition? Even as I wondered that, I couldn't help admiring this particular shade of blue.

Dreamy Balloons at Spittelmarkt


I wish I could tell you more about this unremarkable building in Mitte with these extraordinary balloons.

my favorite things (meine Lieblingssachen)

Such a pleasure to browse through the carefully chosen treasures in meine Lieblingssachen: a child's desk, some aprons (above), three perfect vases. If it's precious, it's precious in the best way.

meine Lieblingssachen, Pappelallee 9 (map)
Tel. (030) 71 535 688

Arkonaplatz Market


I'll mention it today and not tomorrow, to give you time to plan ahead: Can I remind you how the Friday market at Arkonaplatz is just fabulous? And how there are few things more picturesque than the trout on the grill, few things crisper than the caramelized crust of the waffles fresh off the iron? Now, really, don't you want to go?

Arkonaplatz Market (map)
Fridays noon-6pm or later


spring spring spring (Berlin, Berlin)


Turn to the left, turn to the right. I love Berlin; I hadn't realized this city could be the receptacle for so much love.