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Anniversary cookies


Such ideas for excursions to the zoo, the Haus am Waldsee, a return to Leo Bettini, and in the end? An anniversary spent playing with our daughter, napping, listening to Music for Airports, some cookies, some rain (lots of rain).

To Katherine, before she asks: I almost followed the recipe this time. My only changes were using closer to a half-teaspoon of salt, grinding a mixture of oat, spelt, rye and barley flakes (since that's what I had) and leaving out the nuts. The dark chocolate I pulverized in the food processor, and I doubled the amount of demerara because I didn't want to wake David to ask where the soft brown sugar was. Oh, and I added a spoonful of molasses too.


I read at first "Haus am Wannsee" and had to think Berlin Reified was indeed striking out in a new direction for child rearing.

"Tom", I love it when you comment.

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