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Bärlauchspätzle/Back in Berlin

Oh lucky lucky girl I am, to come home to a husband who whips up wild garlic noodles when I am tired. (To make them, just follow a standard spaetzle recipe and puree a bunch of Bärlauch with the eggs.) I'm still catching my breath, but — February weather notwithstanding — it's good to be back.

By the way, Arminkiez readers take note! Plans for the farmers' market in Seelower Straße have been approved, and residents are invited to take part in a discussion at 6pm tonight in Sgaminegg.


How delicious! I remember a few years back now someone was selling Bärlauch spread at a stand and said "Bärlauch ist jetzt der Hit". We laughed, it just sounded so funny and she was right!

Good luck to you all for the market in Seelower!

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