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Pain au lait from Berlin’s best bakery (SoLuna)

During the week we eat that wholesome hearty heavy brown bread that Germany is famous for, toasted and daubed with acacia honey or with a smear of almond butter, but on Saturdays we have a standing order at Sgaminegg for a loaf of pain au lait from the SoLuna bakery in Kreuzberg. White bread is so often plastic or over-fluffy, but this is a dense loaf with a fine crumb that has come to signal the weekend for me. Sunday morning scarcely feels complete without a slice richly buttered and topped with strawberry preserves, or, as this morning, some fresh rhubarb jam, whipped up with little fuss using this recipe. Pain au lait also makes fabulous French toast.


I nearly wept with joy when I tasted SoLuna bread for the first time! Being french but having lived in the south of germany for a looong time, bread is basically part of my genetic makeup, and Berlin bread is a true catastrophe!

Iris, you really do have to try it. & Marguerite, so glad you know what I mean. Have you tried their Frieda yet? I keep intending to order it and then forgetting to do so. Tomorrow!

I am noting this down in my "places I must visit" file!

Foodie, my latest love is the sourdough bread La Boule. Tell me what you try!

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